Miller Bedrooms | Millersburg, OH

Nestled in the rolling Hills of Holmes County, Ohio, you'll find the Miller Farm. Love, labor, and laughter have all been at home on the Miller Farm for five generations. Now heirloom quality furniture is as well.

Woodworking was always a part of Myron Miller's life. Making his living first in sawmills and then in carpentry instilled in him the desire to found a company that would produce solid hardwood furniture built to last for generations. In 1998 Myron founded Miller Bedrooms on the Miller Farm, with the goal of providing satisfying work for family and neighbors. The new company would create complete suites of heirloom quality bedroom furniture that he hoped would play a small part in enriching the daily lives of those who purchased it. Today, fourteen full-time craftsmen work to fulfill his vision. Myron and his craftsmen know that building the furniture is only half the story. The other half is providing service above and beyond the ordinary. At Miller Bedrooms, customers are always people first, a way to make a living second.

So relax and enjoy the many Miller Bedrooms furniture collections. If your lives are blessed by it in any small way, the Miller family and craftsmen believe they'll have put in a good day's work.

- Myron & Sara Ann Miller

solid wood furniture Millersburg OH


We use frame construction with corner blocking to add strength. Safety is provided with positive drawer stops. Ease-of-use is built in with full extension drawer slides. And design elegance is not forgotten - from tapered legs to sweeping curves and masterful scroll-work.


Benchmade. Handcrafted. Heirloom quality. These words describe furniture that will be passed down from generation to generation and loved by each one.



A crucial aspect of the quality of the piece, beyond materials, construction techniques, and careful assembly, is attention to detail - both functional and aesthetic.



With seven superior wood species, your choice of any stain color available, and a vast array of hardware metals, styles, and finishes - we're dedicated from start to finish.


"Love, labor, and laughter have all been at home on the MILLER FARM for five generations."